The End of Fashion Week

Fashion Week is ending in New York and I have been extremely pleased with the Fall 2010 collections. Some of my favorites include Marc Jacobs, Catherine Malandrino (of course!), Thakoon, Rebecca Minkoff and the unforgettable Jason Wu. Sadly, we will say goodbye to Fashion Week at Bryant Park and welcome it to Lincoln Center! How chic of Fern Mallis!

Marc Jacobs began his show unraveling curtains, which soon evolved into what looked like gigantic wrapping paper. It was such a pleasant surprise to begin a show revealing his collection like he was opening a birthday gift in front of close family and friends. The clothes have an eclectic feel with 60% sophistication and 40% Eloise-meets-My-Fair-Lady. The color palette for this collection stayed among black, grey and nude. He designed beautiful gowns and cocktail dresses in the shimmer gold and metallic shades. I became enamored with the collection in just a few seconds because his clothes for this season are perfect for work, dinner, an interview and even a special occasion. The texture of his clothes is on point for Fall 2010. There are silk pieces as well as heavier wool pieces, which makes his collection versatile for that everyday woman. We are in good hands when it comes to Marc Jacobs.

Rebecca Minkoff’s presentation of her Fall 2010 collection seemed very low key, as it wasn’t a show but more of a gallery-type environment. Not quite the style of Marc Jacobs, Rebecca’s style is one that most city girls appreciate. It’s a mix of downtown’s grunge and uptown elegance. Everything is just exquisite with clean-cut lines.

Catherine Malandrino’s presentation was beautiful! It was located in the heart of Chelsea, at the Chelsea Art Museum, which looks out to the West Side Highway. Take a look backstage with Grace Gold from AOL in this video. It’s actually great footage of what went on backstage!

Malandrino’s clothes are such a work of art. It’s a reflection of the Earth’s strength and the femininity that embodies this world.

Jason Wu is an amazing designer with so much to offer to the fashion industry. His Fall/Winter 2010 collection is filled with menswear-styled jackets and coats. But underneath it all, the classic Jason Wu woman appears. With shimmer undertones, nude colors, silk garments and polka dots, you most certainly can’t go wrong with the Fall/Winter 2010 line. ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR!

And while their collections are borderline extremely expensive, we can always take the styles off the runways and recreate everything! Urban Outfitters is moving back into spring with nautical styles. Stripes and polka dots are always a new and great addition to your wardrobe if you need styles other than the typical black and white shirts. Unfortunately, being in the fashion world for so long, I have accumulated a large amount of black clothing. Black is a staple in my wardrobe and although it can be boring, the color is versatile! My favorite pieces from Urban Outfitters is the Silence and Noise multi-colored lace layer skirt (on sale for $19.99), Silence and Noise lace tiered tank ($38) and Nothing Sacred by Obesity and Speed cropped tank ($38). Great choices for the spring season!!! Find more spring staples at your local Urban Outfitters store or online at!

Can’t wait for the warm, sunny days and spring dresses!!


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  2. Hi Kristine!

    Thanks for linking to my Catherine Malandrino video! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    I love the designers you highlighted in this post - they’re all among my very favorites!

    I’m so sad that this was the last Fashion Week in the Bryant Park tents. Those tents are truly iconic.



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