Staff Bios

Executive Editor:

McKenzi Thi Murphy

McKenzi Thi Murphy is the Executive Editor of the Independent. A student of the J-School, she is currently in her junior year and also pursuing a secondary major in Women’s and Gender Studies, as well as a minor in Theatre. She spends any and all free time seeing theatrical productions and lamenting the rising costs of Broadway. Her life goals are to write a play, maybe, and destroy the patriarchy, definitely. 

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Managing Editor:

Luis Sanchez

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News Editor: 

Vaidik Trivedi

Vaidik Trivedi is the News Editor of the Independent. He is in the School of Journalism and is currently in his senior year. His career goals center around law as he hopes to become a lawyer. In his free time, you can spot him eating food on campus.He likes football (yes, it is called football not soccer), watching movies or just arguing with someone just for the sake it.

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Blogs Editor:

Chelsea Sullivan

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Copy Editor:

Jedine Daley

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