Staff Bios

Executive Editor:

Kori Tuitt is a senior at Stony Brook University studying journalism with an online concentration. Although she has delved in several activities on Long Island, she’s a commuter from Queens who loves to rep her borough. She’s held internships at the New York Amsterdam News, the Queens Chronicle and the TimesLedger Newspapers. For leisure, Kori likes to listen to NPR’s StoryCorps and Radiolab, play Scrabble and watch “The Twilight Zone” — the original one, of course.

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News Editor:

Trevor Christian is a junior who treats the Stony Brook Student Union as a second home. He is a journalism major who enjoys covering politics, education and human interest stories. Trevor lived in Stony Brook since he was in elementary school and only has to walk a mile to get to campus. His cat, Prince, and vast collection of Americana music keep him sane.

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Assistant News Editor:

JD Allen a junior studying journalism and sociology, hopes to complete his double major in four years. While focusing on print and web journalism techniques, JD plans on writing on and photographing social inequalities and injustices, holding dear to his heart the quote he heard in an Introduction to News Literacy class — “Journalism is the first draft of history.” When he isn’t in the library typing an article or napping, he can be found in the Union basement parrying Sabre blades with the Stony Brook Fencing Club. Fall 2014 Intern

Arts & Features Editor:

Catherine Bonke has been writing for the Independent since she was a freshman. She is currently a sophomore in the School of Journalism with aspirations to follow the online multimedia track. Her ultimate career goal is to write for a major online publication about achievements in scientific research and medicine. Catherine enjoys speaking French, reading and the outdoors. Fall 2014 Intern

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Assistant Arts & Features Editor:

Janelle Clausen is a junior journalism major. While undecided on her concentration, she seeks to understand important issues, explain them and hear people’s stories. When not writing, she can usually be found reading the New York Times or gaming. Darksiders beware, she’s also a self-proclaimed part-time Jedi. Fall 2014 Intern

Blogs Editor:

Lauren Fetter is a junior majoring in journalism and sociology at Stony Brook University. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, this self-proclaimed “fangirl” enjoys catching up on the latest Hollywood gossip and attending concerts of all kinds. Though she is unsure of where her pop culture passion may take her, Lauren hopes to one day express her love of writing and all things celebrity by working for a major entertainment outlet. Fall 2014 Intern

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Copy Editors:

Maggie Cai is a sophomore majoring in journalism. She hopes to follow the online multimedia track, using her passion for photography and videography to tell stories. Most of the time, she can be found scrolling through lifestyle blogs or wandering around snapping photos while avoiding collisions with people and stop signs. Fall 2014 Intern 

Alexa Coveney is a Journalism major at Stony Brook University with a minor in Media Arts and plans to take the broadcast track. She is a TV junkie who loves to live tweet. In her free time she enjoys a nice cup of tea, writing fiction and some peace and quiet. Alexa hopes to one day produce and write for TV. Fall 2014 Intern 

Nicola Shannon is a sophomore journalism major at Stony Brook University. She loves learning and writing about everything having to do with human beings, from human biology to art and culture. She is currently learning Japanese and plans to study abroad there for her junior year. She relies on her iPod to get through a long week, as well as occasionally fantasizing about becoming a world-class chef.

Social Media Manager:

Jimin Kim is a journalism major at Stony Brook University. As the Independent’s social media manager, he enjoys live tweeting campus events, promoting the Indie’s content and bugging strangers for story interviews with his trusty audio recorder. To unwind, he listens to smooth jazz and spars his friends in kickboxing — strange combination indeed. Fall 2014 Intern

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Web Manager:

Mohammad Hamza (a.k.a. Mo) is a senior majoring in History, and is also taking part in the Social Studies Education program at Stony Brook University. Following his graduation, Mo hopes to become a history teacher at a high school or middle school in the city. He spent this past summer working as a TA for an Africana Studies course and because of that, is looking forward to one day even teaching at the college level. Some of his hobbies include automotive maintenance, casual LoL and bike riding. As for the time being, Mo enjoys keeping the Indie maintained and updated technologically. 

Staff Reporters:

Siobhan Becker

Elizabeth Brenner

Greg Cannella

Kristy Gerlett

Marina Liao

Ahmad A. Malik

Maddy Marcus

Joslyn Matthews

Kevin Matyi

Giovanni Ortiz

Atiba Rogers

Sheena Samu

Eric Santiago

Kayla Shults

Nicole Sims

Joanna Tavares

Kerlern Rae Tuitt

Devan Valoroso

Greg Wehner

Current Interns:

Siobhan Becker

Abby Del Vecchio

Kristy Gerlett

Diana Lopez

Kevin Rutigliano


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