Staff Bios

Executive Editor:

Lauren Fetter is a senior majoring in journalism and sociology at Stony Brook University. An avid concert goer and self-proclaimed “fangirl,” Lauren hopes to one day become a best-selling author and run a major magazine. Though she enjoys pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, a night curled up with a good book and a cup of chai tea is just fine for her.

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Managing Editor: 

JD Allen is a senior studying journalism and sociology, hoping to complete his double major in four years. While focusing on print and web journalism techniques, JD plans on writing on and photographing social inequalities and injustices, holding dear to his heart the quote he heard in an Introduction to News Literacy class — “Journalism is the first draft of history.” When he isn’t in the library typing an article or napping, he can be found in the Union basement parrying Sabre blades with the Stony Brook Fencing Club. 

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News Editor: 

Kayla Shults is a junior studying journalism and international studies. She has been writing for the Independent since the beginning of her sophomore year. She began on the writing track, but has since switched over to broadcast because of her work with the WUSB News at Noon show, as well as the School of Journalism’s live broadcasts. After graduation, Kayla hopes to cover either music or international affairs. When not in the newsroom, she can be found at concerts, obsessing over all things boy band related or spending too much time trying to take pictures of her dog.

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Blogs Editor: 

Kevin Rutigliano is a junior studying political science with a journalism minor. He is also learning how to speak and write Korean on his own time. He loves to read about 20th century history and about different cultures around the world. He loves to run and play basketball at the Campus Recreation Center. He is also a huge fan of the NBA and is a die-hard Boston Celtics fan. When he is not doing all these things, he enjoys relaxing and watching retro TV shows and movies. He also enjoys hip-hop and classic rock. After graduation, he is considering teaching English in Korea for a short time before getting a job as a broadcast journalist or producer. Kevin plans to attend graduate school to study foreign policy and international affairs in the future.

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Reviews Editor:

Justin Cole or Jcole as he is referred to by the Indie staff, is a senior in the School of Journalism. Being an avid music enthusiast and musician with a lot of emotions and opinions, he naturally decided to pursue entertainment journalism with a focus on music. Justin has what some people may call an unhealthy obsession with the music of Bruce Springsteen, but don’t bring it up because he is really defensive of it. On a typical day you can find Justin sleeping, playing guitar, writing songs, sipping on a nice glass of scotch or any combination of these.

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Listicles Editor: 

Abigail Wolfenberger is a Tennessee native who doesn’t say “ya’ll” and hates the taste of Mountain Dew, but she does have a green tractor! This is her fourth year at Stony Brook — she says fourth year instead of senior year because her family may be attending her funeral before her graduation. She switched into journalism last year and will be calling herself a Super-Senior for the foreseeable future…but at least these are the best years of her life, right? 

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Copy Editors: 

Kevin Matyi is a junior journalism major intending to become a linguistics minor. He joined the Stony Brook Independent one year ago and quickly began writing a weekly police blotter article, now both a column and a podcast known as the Crime Report. This past summer, he was a part of the School of Journalism’s “Journalism Without Walls” group stationed in Bangalore, India. The trip allowed him to report on topics such as the traffic situation and the state of independent bookstores in the city. Additionally, he has received the Feingold Prize for being the top non-astronomy student in his Spring 2015 Search for Life in the Universe class. After graduating Stony Brook University, he hopes to report on scientific developments, video games and anime.

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Giovanni Ortiz has several things she thinks about more than once a day: her cuddly pitbull, Sam, her bipolar poodle, Daisy, her two sisters, her parents, whether or not someone is staring at her because she has something on her face and whether or not someone just saw her trip. She loves asking personal questions, but hates answering them. She love music, art, writing and grammar, and she has a somewhat interesting story behind her name. If you ever see her, don’t be afraid to ask.

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Social Media Manager:

Siobhan Becker is a junior journalism major following the online multimedia track. Most of her time is dedicated to social media and the blogosphere. The rest of her schedule is devoted to her dogs, Teddy and Bear.

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